Welcome to the official website of Gagan Singh – an inspirited music creator for motion picture, uniting cultures of music to create an unparalleled sound.


Original Music for Motion Picture

Bespoke scores written for Film, Television, Advertisements & Video Games – Composition – Orchestration – Music Arrangement – Music / Sound Editing – Sound Design

Talent Development & Management

Committed to scouting, recruiting and nurturing talent, churning out high level talents – A team behind the talent to motivate and take the talents careers to the next level.

The Live Experience

Experiencing Gagan Singh with his live music troupe is an absolute must! Includes Piano Solos from Gagan, featuring vocal artists, accompanied by an Instrumental Ensemble.

Mixing & Mastering

Professional sounding mixes to enhance any audio production – Pristine grade mastering of final mixes and cues

Songwriting & Production

Original Compositions, lyrics and music production for recording & performing artists globally, in a wide variety of musical styles such as R&B, Pop, New Age & Classical

Sponsorship & Endorsements

Partnering with Gagan and his team means partnering with their core values: integrity, dedication, compassion and commitment to the word “quality”.


What others have to say about their experiences working with Gagan

  • I’ve always liked Gagan’s musical expression in whatever he does. His passion and dedication is remarkable. I’ve had a great time working with him on a couple of projects.

    Salim Merchant
    Salim Merchant Internationally Acclaimed Award Winning Film Composer & Music Director
  • Gagan sees each piece of music as a painter sees a painting on an empty canvas. Every note is a shade of colour playing on the imagination of every listener, providing an emotionally moving experience.

    Umair Ali
    Umair Ali Canadian Songwriter, Recording & Performing Artist
  • Over the years, Gagan Singh has become my musical brother. There is no end to his talent and what he brings to the production world is something very soulful and unique. Definitely a diamond amongst all the rough.

    Kesh K
    Kesh K U.K. Award Winning Recording & Performing Artist
  • Gagan’s happy demeanor and positive energy are a welcome addition to any team. He has a strong sense of initiative and knows how to take the lead.

    Blanche Israel
    Blanche Israel Cellist & Arts Manager
  • As a filmmaker, it’s hard to find a composer who can synergize their abilities to what I envision. Not only did Gagan deliver an effective score that was every bit in line with what I had in mind, he did it in a very short amount of time (less than 24 hours). Working with a very rough cut of my short horror film, Gagan was able to create a sombre, yet eerie mood, that captured my film’s themes of tragic loss and sinister revenge with deceptively simple rhythms and patterns. Without Gagan’s score, my film would not have had the same impact that it did at its premiere. Gagan is professional, very knowledgeable, and easy to work with. When I need a music score done, I only make one phone call.

    Edward Boxler
    Edward Boxler Canadian Filmmaker & Script-Writer
  • I had discussed my musical vision with him and spent a few days in the studio with him to bring our concept to life. Not only was I pleased, but our audience was in awe of Gagan’s production work for a private event. He brings a high level of creativity which is brought to life with his education and exposure to global music and various genres. This is something majority Of today’s artist are unable to do due to their lack of academic knowledge of music. Thank you Gagan for reinvigorating world music by bringing back music in a soulful manner.

    Mohamed Moinuddin
    Mohamed Moinuddin Co-Chair, Ameer Khusro Society of Canada
  • Gagan and his team brought exquisite musicianship to our event. Their sound was extravagant and unique, and they are professionals through and through. Gagan is able to combine Eastern and Western music and present it in a contemporary way, which Toronto’s music scene is rapidly growing to appreciate and love more and more. It was great to see his multiple talents on stage live, being the Band Leader, as well as a Pianist and Percussionist all in one show! I’m very excited to see his music grow and see the remarkable things the future holds for him.

    Pradeep Sood
    Pradeep Sood Director, Markham Stouffville Hospital & CEO Highbury Canco Corporation
  • This dude is just oozing talent – and one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. Check him out, and please consider him for your own projects – he is a delight to work with and elevates content with his music.

    Lee Foster
    Lee Foster Canadian Film Director & Film Producer

A Short Biography

“Inspirited” is the word which many use to describe Gagan Singh and his music. He is a dedicated and passionate Music Composer for Motion Picture (Film, Televesion, Games, Multimedia), as well as a Record Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist & Performing Artist. Most of all, a visionary. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Gagan developed his craft at an early age, learning both Western Classical music as well as Eastern Classical rudiments. He began playing the Tabla (Eastern Classical percussion), at the tender age of 2 (as shown below). As he studied music theory
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throughout his school years, he added to his musical arsenal by learning Piano and the Drum Kit, performing in his school orchestra concerts. Gagan sought out to blend his musical influences together, having an appetite for delivering a unique sound to the world, and began composing and producing original music by the age of 15. Studying at the University of Toronto, Gagan crafted his composition and production techniques, developing a contemporary, cinematic approach which embraces both Western and Eastern classical music. He also has experience working with ensembles and orchestras, with arranging, orchestrating and conducting symphonic masterpieces. All the while also honing in on his Entrepreneurship skills, aspiring to be a leader in the Arts and Entertainment industries. Gagan’s vision of creating a musical brand which transcends cultures is blossoming as we speak. From Toronto, to Los Angeles, to London, to Bombay, Gagan’s collaborative approach and influence has been global. He is currently scoring the music for 2 Canadian Feature films to release in early 2017. He is a compassionate humanitarian and dedicates some time every week to volunteer – away from music and business, assisting in charitable services and endeavours around the city.. Gagan is also an active member of the Screen Composers Guild of Canada (S.C.G.C.), the Songwriters Association of Canada (S.A.C.) and is represented by SOCAN in Canada, BMI in the United States & PRS in the United Kingdom. His deep-rooted classical training in both Western Classical and Eastern Classical music and modern-music-production techniques, give Gagan Singh the unparalleled edge needed today.


Making of Cavalry

See Gagan live in action behind the scenes of one of his recent orchestral projects!


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